Cait and I met on a photography retreat. She was there as one of the models. We were cabin mates and bonded over the unique experience we had that weekend. We became friends over the next few months. I asked her to do some shoots with me and we would literally spend nine hours straight together, talking, hanging out, creating art. I would jokingly call her my muse. We had talked a lot about relationships. Cait is a rare breed, shes as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and so unbelievably genuine. You literally want to keep her in your pocket and carry her around with you, because spending time with her makes you that much happier. I remember when she told me about Ethan. We were driving over the top of the Sunshine Skyway bridge and I was listening to her talk about him. I knew right then and there that he was the "One" for her. They weren't even official yet, they were still just "talking." But within a few weeks I saw them make it Facebook Official and things moved quite quickly. It was a love where you could see that they as a couple were helping each other grow and becoming better people because of the relationship. I saw Cait grow  by leaps and bounds and I loved seeing their relationship blossom. Ethan asked Cait to Marry him with a surprise proposal on the beach....which consisted of him singing to her, a lot of candles and their close friends and family hiding not too far away! The next week Cait messaged me about shooting her wedding and I was so ridiculously honored. I couldn't imagine anything better then being part of their day. They chose to have their wedding at Laurel Wood Gardens. The venue is set in Dade city, amongst horse farms and rolling hills. It reminds me of them a lot because they enjoy the outdoors and hiking. Her theme was an eclectic, whimsical ethereal look. Lots of lace, pastels and very soft details. The day came out fantastically, every detail was perfect, the weather was gorgeous and the couples love shined through. Being surrounded by so many family and friends who loved them was a testament of what kind of people Cait & Ethan are. I am so excited to share with you their wedding pictures and I wish them many years of happiness!